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        About us

        Jiangxi Liyuan Chemical Technology Industry Co., Ltd., founded in 1994, is wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangxi Province Chemical Industrial Research Institute. Relying on powerful technical strength of Jiangxi Province Chemical Industrial Research Institute, our company has developed by large scale. Our register capital is RMB 30 million Yuan and our fixed asset is RMB 25 million Yuan. Currently, our company has over 120 staffs, including 60% professional technical person, 6 professor level senior engineers and 35 senior engineers.
        Our company is mainly engaged in research, production and sale of fine chemicals, including pharmaceutical intermediates. Our main pharmaceutical intermediate project was praised as 2007 annual technological progress 2nd prize. Our company has built long-term strategic cooperation relations with many famous enterprises in Europe, Asia and America.

        Our production base covers an area of 70mu. It is production base with complete functional fine chemicals. Meanwhile, a research center integrated of small scale testing and pilot plant testing system.

        Our company is awarded of honor title of “high-tech enterprise” by Jiangxi Province Science and Technology Agency.